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Anybody out there? No? Oh well, just thought I'd check in and say that I'm still alive, and to say that unfortunately, I do not have a new comic to post, nor do I have any plans of posting anytime soon. That is to say that I don't have any comics made that I can post and don't have the time to work on any new ones. So what does this mean for HA? Well, I don't want to say the comic has been discontinued, because well it hasn't been, but at the same time I have not actively made any comics for some time and don't really have anything lined up either. So consider it an indefinitely hiatus. Would I like to make a new comic? Sure I would, but since I'm an adult, with adult responsibilities like doing menial tasks for a company who inturn pays me a menial wage which i use to put food in my mouth and the like, as well as being a full time engineering student, and weekend warrior (HOOYAH NAVY!), I just don't have time to dedicate to it anymore. I don't like to make false promises and say I plan on restarting the series, because at this time I don't. I just don't care enough about it to carry on at this time, but that being sad, I also don't want to say its not possible either. Since I can't make money from this series seeing as It operates under fair use (I.E. Criticism and parody) there isn't much of a reason for me to put any more effort into it. I use to just simply have fun doing it. I liked the production value and artistic endeavor involved and that was enough at one point. But I have new hobbies, and even with those I barely have time to enjoy them. So, with all this being said, I will take my leave for now. I'll do my best to keep the site up and maintained when I can, maybe, one day I might post a new strip. I do hope however that you will join the forum and talk about Zelda and gaming in general because I do actively participate there (though we hardly have any members still sooo till more join and participate its kind of dead). And I do still on very rare occasions update Tales from the Warp Zone over on Smackjeeves (Link in the icons up top) so feel free to keep up with that strip. Well I believe I've said all I need to, so... Till Next time...


Episode 53: 5 Star Service

Wow! I'm alive! And, look at this... AN UPDATE!!! Yes you saw that right, an update! the first in... Well a long ass time! 4 years to be exact. Exciting huh?! Does this mean that HA is coming back? Does this mean that we will see what becomes of Link, Sprite, Luigi and the others? Does this mean that we will continue on with the quest? Not really unfortunately. Really all this is, is a lost and forgotten episode that was suppose to be the first episode of the second half of season 2 which was to be posted after the winter hiatus. I had it made and ready to go but wasn't going to post it until I officially restarted the series. However, circumstances made it to where I couldn't work on the comics anymore (and I also lost interested in it, its just too much of a chore in all honesty) So i never finished the second half of the season. So the comic was stowed away until i decided to continue work on the season. But, time passed, days became weeks, weeks months, months years and eventually the comic drifted from memory altogether. However, after deciding to dig around in my old comic folder the other day, i found it, and though, "Hey! I'll post it, and get everybody's hopes up! yeah! =D" Which is exactly what i did! So now, Episode 53 "5 Star Service" Till Next time! (possibly years from now)

Hello, still alive. Just fixed the images on the site, so all the link icons now show up. That is all.

Hello Adventurers! I would just like to let you know that, I have in fact, not died. I know I haven't been working on the series for the last few months, and I can assure you its only because I am extremely lazy, not because I have lost interest in the series. However, due to my laziness, I have not actually been working on any new comics so I don't have any new episodes yet. But, I may start production on new episodes soon. I can't make any promises though. Its just too time consuming especially when the comics are done entirely by hand (i.e. not ripped from emulators or screen shots but composed in bitmap). And I don't want to resort to making fillers or crap comics just to meet a quota. I would rather have 1 or 2 good comics per year, than a full season of crap. So, When Im in the mood and have some inspiration, I just might put out some new material. Thats all for now. Be sure to check the forum for any news. I am active on the forum daily. Till next time!

A quick update! Sadly, not about Hyrule Adventure, but equally as good! The Mario comics now have their own series!! The Mario mini comics are now on Smackjeeves and have their own series! "Tales from the Warp Zone" Hyrule Adventure now has a sister site! Stop by and check it out! The Mario series will update 2 weekly on wednesdays and saturdays! The link is up on the icon tray!

No news for HA unfortunately. Just don't have time to dedicate to the Zelda series. But don't lose hope. Maybe someday... Till Next time!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! And as promised, The Christmas Special!!!

Well its that time of year again. Winter Hiatus. HA will hopefully return with new episodes in early January. Fret not though, There will be a christmas episode the week of christmas so be ready for that! Well, until the new year, or christmas at least, Till Later!


Episode 52: Luigi Remembers This One!

Ah, the return of the blue candle in all its toastable awesomeness! Notice Luigi's fearfulness, he knows the pain of the blue candle! On to some news, Next weeks episode will be the last before the Winter Hiatus. The return date isn't set yet but Im shooting for around the 2nd week of january. Thats it for now, Till Later!


Episode 51: Smashing Seems to Solve Something!

Update time! Bringing some Plumber action to Hyrule! Some news, 2 more episodes until the winter hiatus. HA will return for the second half of season 2 hopefully the first week of January. But if that sounds like its going to bring some dreariness to your christmas break, fear not, for this years Christmas Special is complete and will be posted the week of Christmas! And trust me, this years is a good one! Other than that, we could use some more forum members. That would be awesome! Well that is it for now, Till Later!


Episode 50: Boing Splat!

November is here! Turkey time will be soon! Yep, in case anyone forgot, Luigi can jump! So What will happen next? Will this attack prompt the baddies to actually attack? Will they run off? All I can say is that, none of these questions will be answered this week. Till Next Time!


Episode 49: Link Shows His Courage!

So Link makes his heroic move? Well, not really. Seems like he is just going to make things worse. Notice something familiar? Some A Link to the Past references? Oh yeah, no Halloween episode this year. Sorry, just didn't have a joke I could use. But don't let that hamper the spirit of the holiday! Go forth and get some candy! But Beware, out there are monsters. Have a safe and happy Halloween! Till Next Time!


Episode 48: The Elf Guy

Link, a wuss? Who would have thought that? But what else can you say when people think you are the guy who played the elf in the Lord of the Rings? I guess not much. Well that is it for now, Till Next Time!


Episode 47: Minion Brutality

Think the Police are too quick to draw the taser? Well just be glad they don't work for Ganon! Forget the verbal reasoning, stun gun, or good old fashion mace-to-the-face, Ganon's minions go straight to the beatings! Who says violence never solves anything? Apparently it got Ganon's forces where they needed to go. What will happen to our heroes? Will they surrender peacefully or take rock to the face? Will they take on Ganon's minions in hand to hand mortal combat! Or will they just turn tail and hide behind a rock? Well all I can say is that... None of that will be answered today! So tune in next week! Till next time!


Episode 46: Maybe Too Close

Time for a new comic! Aren't new comics just awesome? Of course they are. Well not much else going on at the moment so I will make this short. Yay for short blog awesomeness!
Till next time!


Episode 45: A Thought Too Soon

Happy October! Time for an update as usual and on time I might add, but would you expect any less from the webs most awesomest of awesome zelda comic? Of course not! I've finally gotten out of some of the old bad habits of using quick crappy backgrounds and have moved up to more interesting scenery. As you may notice, lakes, rivers, and even a bridge! And finally some real enemies! Yes, finally we see some of the legions of Ganon! You may ask "I thought the moblins were legions of Ganon back in season 1?" Well, not really. Those were just moblins out in the woods. They didn't have any affiliation with Ganon. But they were mean just the same. Well thats all for now. Till next time!


Episode 44: Where Are We Going Anyway?
Well since none of my loyal fans have been able to figure out what the awesomeness like was sensing was, I guess I will go ahead and spill it. They are heading West now! Yes, they stopped heading east, and made a 180 turn to head west. I told you how obvious it was. All during the first season they just kept heading to the right, all the time, with the green wall in the background. Well, NO MORE! I say! Things are going to get more interesting from now on, starting with this episode! Yes look at all the pretty blue! There is finally some water, and backgrounds other than the green wall! Yay! Well that is it for now, Till later!

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