Here I will give some inside information about the world of sprite comics and Hyrule Adventure.

Hyrule Adventure is a sprite comic, that is a comic which uses sprites to create the scenarios. A sprite is generically a computer generated graphic or icon. Hyrule adventure obviously uses sprites from the original Legend of Zelda and follows the original story line and plots.

Hyrule Adventure is a continuing adventure/comedy. Each episode picks up where the last left off and the plot develops over time as the story progresses. Each comic has a gag or punchline which is...the reason its a comic! But the story itself follows Link and his companions on their quest to save Hyrule from the clutches of Ganon, rescue the princess and recover the triforce of power...Typical Zelda stuff! Check back often for updates and new comics and keep up with the adventures and laughs!

Each comic is a six frame/cell strip and uses only colors that were available on the NES, that is, I only use colors that the NES could produce. Except in cases where I need some special effects in which case all bets are off and I will do whatever I need to make the story work. The comics are made in a bitmap and then converted to GIF format to save space and create ease of downloading.

Most other sprite comics obtain they're sprites by hacking emulators and copying the sprites. My sprites are made by hand, pixel by pixel, either visually copying a screen shot or the game itself. It is a very time consuming and tedious process but one that pays off. The sprites are made to my specific size and color specifications and the legal grey area is avoided, since technically, even thought the sprites look very similar, they are in fact original, the colors are very close to the game, but since its not exactly the same, the images are different, and it is not a ripped image. Plus, half the fun of making a comic is actually making the sprites. I make them as I need them and only use ones that a relevant to the story.

The humor and jokes are created around the plot and rely almost entirely on sarcasm and the occasional slapstick. Since a sprite can't produce facial expressions alot of emphasis is put on sarcasm to get the point across.