Hyrule Adventure Archives

Episode 1: Pies Are Round
Episode 2: Unparalleled Variety
Episode 3: Evil Feelings and Applejacks are the Same Thing
Episode 4: Familiar Crap
Episode 5: Applejacks are a Bowl of Evil
Episode 6: Confused or Just Dumb
Episode 7: The Legend of NES
Episode 8: Knowledge is a Powerful Diaphoretic
Episode 9: Know Your Friends
Episode 10: Adding Excitement
Episode 11: A Tight Squeeze
Episode 12: Affirmative Affirmation
Episode 13: Mystery Meat
Episode 14: Thats What She Said!
Episode 15: Lost in Frustration
Episode 16: Never Leave Home Without It
Episode 17: Its So Hard to Believe
Episode 18: What Happens Next?
Episode 19: This is What Happens Next!
Episode 20: A Good Reason
Bonus Episode 1: HAPPY HALLOWEEN
Episode 21: No Going Back
Episode 22: Turning the Tide
Episode 23: Ominous Emporium
Episode 24: Pricey Mannerisms
Episode 25: The Pain of the Blue Candle
Episode 26: Link Knows the Pain of the Blue Candle
Bonus Episode 2: Look For Santa in the Last Frame!
Episode 27: A Small Mistake = Big Plot Twist
Episode 28: Who Didn't See it Coming?
Episode 29: Links Alright... Maybe Not
Episode 30: Shrimps on the Barby
Episode 31: Moblins are Obnoxious Creatures
Episode 32: Power of the Shadow
Episode 33: Another Good Reason
Episode 34: The Plot Introduced
Episode 35: What Minions Do Best
Episode 36: The Princess Looks Good!
Episode 37: It Truly Does Suck to be Luigi
Episode 38: Picking Up Where We Left Off
Episode 39: Mother Always Knows Best
Episode 40: Even the Basic Essentials Aren't Quiet So Basic
Episode 41: Warm Squishy Feelings
Episode 42: Dull, Numbing Feelings
Episode 43: I Can't Believe No One Has Figured it Out
Episode 44: Where Are We Going Anyway?
Episode 45: A Thought Too Soon
Episode 46: Maybe Too Close?
Episode 47: Minion Brutality
Episode 48: The Elf Guy
Episode 49: Link Shows His Courage!
Episode 50: Boing Splat!
Episode 51: Smashing Seems to Solve Something
Episode 52: Luigi Remembers This One!
Bonus Episode 3: Christmas Stuff and Wintery Awesomeness
Episode 53: 5 Star Service